The group Karat was - and is still - one of East Germany's most popular rock formations. They celebrated their 30th anniversary in the summer of 2000 with a series of open air concerts presented together with the Deutsches Filmorchester in Dresden, Magdeburg and Berlin. Special orchestra arrangements were written by Thomas Natchinski.

Karat is most well-known for the song "Über sieben Brücken wirst du gehen". This title became a surprise popular hit in both East and West Germany in the 1980s. Subsequently, Peter Maffay, a West German-based rock artist released a cover version which found even more popularity, and the song became a symbol for east/west hopes for reconciliation.

Peter Maffay and his band were special guests at Karat's third concert with the Filmorchester. This concert at the Wuhlheide arena in Berlin with 15,000 fans in attendance was recorded and released by BMG under the title Karat - das Konzert.