Touring with Udo Lindenberg

Udo Lindenberg is one of the great performers of the German-language rock music scene. In the mid-90s, Lindenberg recorded several albums with the musicians and had featured the repertoire from the "Bel Canto" CD on several tours with the orchestra.

In 1999, Udo again took the orchestra on a tour - titled "Alles unter einem Hut" - of the major German concert halls. The final concert, presented at the Hamburg Schauspielhaus, was recorded complete and released under the title "Ich schwöre". These pictures are from that tour.


Udo is a remarkable performer with an uncanny sense of timing and ability to reach an audience. Earlier in his career he was a drummer, which is evident in his drive and pacing. He was the first German rock artist to perform original material in the German language and is still regarded as a pioneer in this respect.