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Collaboration with one of Europe's most interesting formations for soul, funk and pop. CD release concert with the Deutsches Filmorchester Babelsberg took place in Potsdams's Nikolaisaal on May 5, 2006.
A quote from the Soulounge website: »The message is right there in the title: 'Say it all', the third album by the all-rounders of Soulounge, is an extensive, significant and complete work of art. The music is more meaningful than ever: Love, passion, and mysteries meet great songs with superb grooves and arrangements somewhere between Soul, Funk and Pop..."«
A special edition of this CD is also available (at coupled with a DVD of our concert in Potsdam last year.

Science Fiction

(Composer: Loek Dikker) - Film soundtrack,
Deutsches Filmorchester
Jahr: 2003
Belgien fantasy film directed by Dany Deprez. Plot in brief: Nine-year old Andreas Decker is the new kid in town. He tells his class that he has lived all over the world on account of his parents being top scientific researchers. Yet classmate Vero finds Andreas' workaholic parents really weird. She suggests to spy on them. When Andreas overhears their conversation about conquering the world and becoming leaders, their can only be one conclusion for the baffled children: Andreas' parents are aliens!
Deprez's comment... "Science Fiction is a mystery mood picture for the whole family"

Adam & Eva

(Composer: Ulrich Sinn) - Film soundtrack,
Deutsches Filmorchester
Andreas Eicher, Producer
Jahr: 2003
Plot in brief: Adam, a firefighter, rescues Eva out of a burning house. 4 years later: they're married and the everyday life aparts them. Adam begins an erotic affair with his brothers au-pair, and Eva suddenly meets her school-love. Well, they divorce, Eva marries her old buddy and Adam is down the drain - but there's still a chance...

Fuehrer Ex

(Composer: Loek Dikker) - Film soundtrack,
Deutsches Filmorchester
Jahr: 2002
Plot in brief: Two young East Germans are forced into joining the Neo-Nazi subculture with the Communist East German government largely to blame in director Winfried Bonengel's 2002 feature film debut Fuehrer EX.
Teen friends Heiko and Tommy lead rambunctious lives in pre-Perestroika East Berlin, with dreams of escaping the repressive government for the freedom of the West. Their world comes crashing down when Tommy is arrested and imprisoned for flag burning. Upon Tommy's release, Heiko learns his friend as gotten involved with Neo-Nazis. Now thoroughly disenchanted, the friends attempt a border crossing -- which only succeeds in getting them arrested and thrown into prison...
"Fuehrer Ex" competed at the 2002 Venice Film Festival. (Ryan Shriver, All Movie Guide)

Max und Moritz

(Composer: Gisbert Naether)
Deutsches Filmorchester Babelsberg and Katja Riemann (Speaker)
A musical version of the darkly humorous - and beloved - tale by Wilhelm Busch. Katja Riemann is a prominent German film actress. The International Music Company (New Classical Adventure)
Jahr: 2001
Best.-Nr. 60111-215

Miniatures for Guitar and Orchestra

(Composer: Klaus Feldmann)
Deutsches Filmorchester Babelsberg
The International Music Company
(New Classical Adventure)
Jahr: 2002
Abridged translation of a review on the website "The Concerto for two guitars and chamber orchestra composed by Klaus Feldmann in the 1980s is based on a series of medieval themes. It is a grand work, full of remarkable musical ideas. ...The Concertino for Guitar and chamber orchestra is a 12-tone work. The quality of the Deutsches Filmorchester Babelsberg is very audible, an ensemble which must be counted as one of the top German orchestras."

From Babelsberg to Hollywood

Deutsches Filmorchester Babelsberg
BMG Buchklub
Jahr: 2001
Best.-Nr. 668194
A compilation of filmscore highlights.

Erkan Aki - Zeit der grossen Gefuehle

Deutsches Filmorchester Babelsberg
Sony Music
Jahr: 2001

Element of Crime - Romantik

Deutsches Filmorchester Babelsberg
Universal Music
Jahr: 2001

25 Jahre Karat

Deutsches Filmorchester Babelsberg
(Live concert recording, Berlin-Wuhlheide, 09.09.2000)
Jahr: 2001
Best.-Nr.: 74321 85549 2

Udo Lindenberg
"Ich schwoere! das volle Programm"

Deutsches Filmorchester Babelsberg
(Live Konzert, Hamburg, 12.05.2000)
Berlin Records (Sony Music)
Jahr: 2001
Best.-Nr.: 099750 121825
Live recording of the final concert given together with Udo Lindenberg in 2001

Les Miserables Interactive

Author of a CD-ROM about the musical and Victor Hugo's book
Verlag: TDK Mediactive
Jahr: 1999
Distribution: Rushware Microhandelsg. mbH

Cyrano das Musical

Conductor of the Schwaebisch Hall Original German Cast Recording
Golden Gate Musikverlag
Jahr: 1999
Bestell-Nr.: 99/01
Distribution: Sound of Music, Essen
Soloists: Sona MacDonald, Reinhard Brussman, Martin Berger
Bratislava Radio Symphony

Great Conductors CD-ROM

Demonstrations of conducting technique in learning module of the program
Verlag: EuroArts/Klett, Stuttgart
Jahr: 1998

When I Write (Op vleugels)

Single from the Amsterdam production of the "Cyrano the Musical", sung by Bill van Dijk
Music Ad van Dijk, Text: Koen van Dijk
Jahr: 1994